Getting The 'Dreamy Look' With Charlotte Tilbury's Kate Synnott


One of my fave, fave, fave beauty brands ever is Charlotte Tilbury. When she first launched in Canada, one of her makeup artists, Sophia, gave me the "Rock Chick" look, which pretty much changed my life and my views on how to do my makeup.

Seriously, I never thought my eyes could look like that.

Even though I can't recreate this liner (despite asking Sophia to give me a tutorial the last time I saw her), I still faithfully wear my "Rock Chick" look when I want to channel my alter ego.

However, the "Rock Chick" is reserved for special occasions only...and it's definitely not the look when I want to be a little less badass and a little more girly and proper.

That's where Charlotte's "Dreamy Look" comes in. Charlotte's national lead makeup artist, Kate Synnott, gave me this look last month using Tilbury's "Legendary Muse" eye palette for an Asian eye makeup tutorial on HuffPost Canada Style, and I seriously have never felt so, well, dreamy, in my life.



It's the perfect look for a holiday party, no?

If you want to see the full tutorial, you can head to HuffPost Canada Style.